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Because higher standards is not something you should keep to yourself!



Know who you can trust

There are more businesses and products than ever and it is hard to know as a pet owner who to trust.  With APA Approved, you know the business or product you use is committed to a higher standard and you can use them with confidence.





Let your customers know!

You are in business to sell your product or service, and you are committed to the best, but how do you let pet owners know this? There are many factors that are important to your success; A good price, a great product or service and an effective marketing plan. Being APA Approved enhances all aspects of your business and produces measurable results.





25 years; The best reputation in the pet industry

The APA has a spotless reputation. This is because we try very hard to do what is right, every time. We pass up on huge advertising dollars because we can't afford to be influenced, we do not approve businesses or products that are questionable, we establish policies that are fair and in the best interest of our companion animals.  The APA is fair, committed and honest, because you count on us to be and we owe it to our companion friends.



APA Approval

The APA Approval department was developed to meet many needs for Pet Owners

 and Pet Businesses, as well as ensuring humane treatment of companion animals.

Pet Owner Benefits

  • Knowing who to trust: One major problem in the pet industry has been that pet owners have not known what pet businesses and service providers they can trust with their pets. Pet business owners range from fantastic seasoned professionals to dishonest, unethical and inhumane. While the majority are in the first category, pet owners need to know how to steer clear of the later.
  • Everyone is an expert: Sure, Aunt Sue knows pets. Everyone has pet advice. Some is great, and some is horrible, the problem is that both usually sound just as convincing. APA Approval includes being sure your professionals are reasonable and reliable so the advice you get is proper or are referred appropriately.
  • Consumer Feedback: Every pet owner has the ability to leave feedback for any APA Approved Business. This feedback is the heart of the ongoing approval process.
  • Mediation: Any unresolved issue between an APA Member and APA Approved business can receive non biased mediation.

Part of the success of APA Approval is consumer involvement.

You can check the status of a current Approval or leave feedback for a business or product that you use.



APA Approved Find A Business App for Android and iPhone coming soon!

Pet Business Benefits

  • Quickly relay your commitment to high standards: Pet Owners know being APA Approved is not just a gimmick but a solid commitment to high standards and customer service.
  • Get more new customers: When someone is new to your area, gets a new pet or just is looking for a new pet service provider, the APA Approval makes the choice easy.
  • Keep more of your existing customers: So you are very busy, that's great.  You've done 1/2 of your job. Keeping those customers is just as tough as getting them in the first place. Customers not only need to know you have an ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality service, but validation that you are providing the service behind the scenes that they hope you are. APA Approval provides this.
  • Receive indirect referrals from the APA: With hundreds of new members every day, and thousands of visitors to our web sites, pet owners look to us to refer reputable businesses.
  • Use the APA Approved Logo: You earn it, use it! Increase the effectiveness of all of your advertising.

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Pet Product Benefits

  • Stand Out: There are thousands of pet products but the APA will only consider and Approve the products that offer real world value for pet owners.
  • Better Distribution: Wholesalers appreciate quality products and look for APA Approved products because they are higher quality, sell easier and receive fewer complaints and returns.
  • Higher Sales: Many pet owners have just seconds when deciding what to buy, the APA Approval Logo makes for easy decisions between similar approved and non approved products.
  • Better Advertising Dollar: The APA Approval Logo makes your advertising much more effective with better results, faster.

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Questions? You can always talk with a professional at the APA. 800-APA-PETS